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6th-Oct-2009 04:57 pm(no subject)
Basically, I was just passing by our Vice-president office...She dragged me in and told me that I'm her new marketing manager and my salary is now doubled...
Um....okaaaay O.o

I was feeling myself like DBSK member...No days-off and small salary)) Guess it was worth it...

Oh..and...I've never worked in marketing before...
24th-Jul-2009 02:01 pm(no subject)
Yesterday I got a phone call from this South Korean company which wants to participate in one of our projects. And their sales department manager speaks decent Russian. We had nice business conversation. After which I got an e-mail from him telling me how my voice is charming (NOT TRUE) and how kind I am (um...well...). He wanted to thank me and so sent me a couple of videos.
God...Do ALL South Korean 40-year-old managers send their partners Dong Bang Shin Ki and Wonder Girls performances? XD
He had NO idea I'm a fan...no idea that I actually know something about Korea...
15th-Jul-2009 10:16 am(no subject)
Me and my non-existent driver licence are living in the parallel universes. And we never gonna meet. Period.

Oh..and I'm still highly impressed by 2U's pimp car from Saipan storybook. Brilliant. Yunnie fits in perfectly.
10th-Jul-2009 03:09 pm(no subject)

Can't believe that I finally got to update my LJ.

Things that I wanted to share:
1. I did NOT get promotion. Whatever...I still have my free coffee everyday, so can deal with it XDD But not for long. I DO have ambitions.
2. I hate Japanese lawyers. They ruined my might-have-been vacation. The rest of the office were smart enough to dissappear from the country before the mess started. So here I am, having my brain fucked by this cute Japanese lady instead of doing nothing in my small cozy bedroom.
3. I'VE BEEN TO 2 TVXQ! CONCERTS IN BANGKOK!!! XDD And almost died at their press-con. My life is beautifull!!!^^
Will post pics and videos of our trip later!

Want to ask a certain someone to create me a new icon XD
7th-Jan-2009 07:13 pm(no subject)

I am so lazy to update...
But I just couldn't miss the fact that we have finally celebrated TVXQ!Anniversary! Yay!!!

We made the cake ourselves. You should have seen us trying to cut a star from jelly...Renata wanted a red star.
The jelly was PINK...There was no way we would place SNSD colour on our TVXQ cake so we added some beet juice into our jelly...XDDDD
It was tasty though! Because it had our souls in it.


Happy Anniversary!!!Collapse )
8th-Dec-2008 10:19 pm(no subject)

Finally! I've just recieved the mail!!!
I'm currently drooling, so no coherent thoughts, sorry!
I just cannot express how much I love wedspawn 

I really should'n read this at work...I-really-should-NOT...*hides book in her bag*
My scary boss will kill me. She IS scary, people. You should have seen all those poor managers. They are having heart attacks when she tells them to shut up an do it her way. And that stare of hers *shivers*
I really shoudn't read this at work.
8th-Nov-2008 02:36 pm(no subject)

They are so gorgeous! Both covers! It took sooo muuuuuuch time to be delivered >_<
But now I have both of them!
I'm not gonna order the C vertion though. It's just 4 songs ang new cover. I love the cover! I would order it just for that image of them in hats!
But I'll wait for the D vertion.

And I still can't believe it! I won! OMG!!! The SMM Trilogy!
Thank you dongbang_sarang  for telling me))) I check the LJ not that often.
28th-Sep-2008 01:24 am - Random polls FTW!!!
Ok, so they called me and said that I may start on monday! It seems like I got a job! And it actually has smth to do with English language! Yay!!!

Can't stop listening to the Mirotic Album! Wrong number is just awesome!

Now a little DongBang poll:
Assign this roles to different DBSK members (explain your choice if possible):
1) Husband
2) Lover/boyfriend
3) Best friend
4) Brother
5) Boss ;)
My variants:
1)  Husband - Yunho! Cuz he just gonna be PERFECT!!! You can always be sure that he'll always be with you, and your kids will have a great father!
2) Lover - Yoochun. He seems to be so passionate! True lover! *I still hesitate to put Jae here though...he can be soooo sweet and romantic..Have you seen this video of him and his girlfriend? He touches her so...tender...
3) Best friend - Jae! Oh..he is wonderfull best friend! He'd send thousands of funny/stupid/sweet emails and cook for you! *but then again...I can put Yoochun in here...It will be so nice to hang out with him, and talk for hours and stuff...
4) Brother - Changmin! We gonna fight A LOT! XDD
5) Boss - Junsu! Super cute boss FTW!!! XDD He won't be able to scold me! Even if he is, it's gonna be too cute for words!^_^
20th-Sep-2008 01:25 pm(no subject)

I never knew that it is so hard to find a job((( But I'll keep trying!

Lee Soo Man, you're genious! You know how to make us spend our money, don't you? I ordered both of them! And going to order repackaged ones (at least the one with "Dating on Earth").
On to some spazzing:

MI-RO-TIC!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH!!!! Is it healthy to lisen to one and the same song 23578432573498570345834 times on repeat?
And the MV preview is just LKBKLHFWEINKLNCOISDJOFCM!!! *is dead*
And I'm NOT gonna listen to Sarah Connor version...

And where the hell is Yunho's nipple?
21st-Aug-2008 03:36 pm(no subject)

YESSS!!! Finally!!!
I got both photobooks!))
I can't stop drooling now XDDD They are gorgeous!!!

And can't stop drooling over new Big Bang MV (the Haru Haru one)! If only I could find a place where I can download their DVD ((

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